22 Jun 2014

Midsummer in Hörja

How different life can be just from one year to another. Now that my mind is not clouded I can see the beauty around me, how summer brought everything back to life. The smallest thing brings a smile to my face and I can feel it comes from within, it's pure. I surround myself with people I care for and then you get happiness in return. I am working a lot, don't think I ever been this busy in spring and beginning of summer ever before. The confirmation I get from clients is just wonderful. It's like we are exchanging positive energy and it's a constant reminder of why I love doing what I do.

The other day I celebrated midsummer in a beautiful house in the countryside. This last year there is especially two women that have, in a lovely way, come into my life and this day I got to spend it in the company of both of them. First there is Minna, who together with her husband and daughter lives in this wonderful house you see below. She has an online vintage store called Odd Lovin'. I adore her and since we share the same love for vintage we sometimes do these photography projects together. I am looking forward in getting to know her even better, she has a beautiful soul. 
Then there is Karolina that I met in a park in Malmö a little bit more than a year ago. Our love for horses was the first thing that made us connect but it turned out to be so much more that we have in common. We share the same morals in life and we have the same kind of humor. Karolina makes me laugh a lot and she is important to me. She speaks her mind, we don't always agree but our conversations is always a fresh breath of air. Lately I started taking photos of her and midsummer was no exception. Minna styled her in true Odd lovin' flair and we went around in the surroundings close to the house. I love being creative and especially when it's together with two people I like so much. I had such a wonderful Midsummer...

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