31 Jul 2014

The flower wreath

Yesterday I went to see my sister in the countryside. She lives a big and beautiful house outside of Höör with her husband and her children. I brought three white dresses with me and photographed each child in water. The sun was just about to set and for 20 minutes I just had the perfect light to create that mysterious atmosphere. I love photographing Asti, Siri and Tage and if I have a new idea I like to try it on them first. I love their curiosity for making images and their complete trust in me. Sometimes I wonder how they will remember their aunt when they are all grown up. I know that they see me as something between a child and an adult and I think that is beautiful. Today I took the time to create one image from the shoot and I also uploaded it to photovogue where it not only was accepted but also selected as best of. There will be more pictures as soon as I can find the time for it.

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