24 Mar 2016


Last September I went for a few days to Italy with my dear friend Anna. We started in Milan then worked our way down south to Monterosso, Livorno and we ended it all in Florence. I guess you could say I have a love affair with this country. Life just seems a little bit sweeter, or maybe it's just that I love wine, pizza and sunshine. In just two weeks I will be back again, this time in beautiful Rome.

Couchsurfing can be the greatest thing. Me and Anna had no idea that we would be walking into a birthday party when arriving in Milan.
It was such a beautiful evening full of wine, great italian food and music!

You can't go to Italy without having at least one. 
Checking out photo art at Corso como.

Meet up with Swedish model Clara Marie and made some beautiful stuff. Dress from www.oddlovin.com

Early morning, heading for Monterosso.

One of the beautiful small villages that makes cinque terre.

What a happy hiker.

Food never taste as good as after an activity.

Livorno, a place where I forever ago thought I had lost a piece of my heart but that turned out to not be true at all.
Memories stay with us forever but the mind has a funny way of forgetting those things that are not necessary to remember. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N

The best baguettes I have ever had are to be found in a tiny boutique close to the ocean...Anna just had to agree. 

A small love shoot I did

Took portraits of this beautiful man.

This girl and her eyes!
Making new friends! This is Azzurra and she is a brilliant photographer, check her out! http://azzurra-biagi.format.com/

It's kind of amazing seeing the sun set to your right and seeing the moon rise to the left....just magic.

Florence with these two beauties. 

The perfect guide.

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