18 May 2016


I come from a country that praise the minimalistic but I am a bohemian lover at heart. So when I discovered Disfunkshion Magazine I knew I had found a platform I wanted to be part of. Last year my first editorial was published (http://dfsmag.com/purple-visions/) in the online magazine and yesterday my second story saw the light. Just like the first time I have collaborated with Minna that runs he online vintage store named Odd Lovin. We share the same passion for long vintage dresses, afghan jewellery and wild hair. If you love vintage I recommend that you check out her instagram her home is absolutely wonderful! This time I had the chance to work with Anna Mirow http://annamirow.format.com/  who completely understood the natural and wild look we were going for. The model is the one and only Linnea and she is besides from being drop dead gorgeous also a lot of fun to work with. I hope I get the opportunity to work with this team again.

You find the Disfunk story here: http://dfsmag.com/coastal-traveler-2/ and below here you find the story I put together when I pitched it to the magazine.

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