12 Jul 2016

A weekend in the city I once called home

Since I moved back to Sweden 2010 I find myself in Berlin at least once a year. I love going there to do nothing and everything. This time I went with my friend Fanny and we stayed with Gerri close to Alexanderplatz. During four days we walked around in the city, drank and ate like queens and met awesome people who we had great conversations with. I left feeling great, so much positive energy and amour to last for a long time. 

My obsession with clouds continues

Free tour

By Fanny

I really like this spot close to Hackecher Markt


Why are all my fortune cookies about my work?

Met up with my big sis and her hubby who were also in town this weekend

Found a new setting on my Nikon Coolpix


Vegan breakfast after yoga

Gerri rocking her own design Boerlin Boerds

Tofu burger...tasted like a dream

Headed home

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