31 Dec 2016


It seems like everywhere you can read that 2016 was a really shitty year and it truly was for a lot of different reasons and for a lot of different people. I am grateful to live in a country where I don't have to go hungry, where I have a safe place to sleep at night and I have the freedom to follow my dreams and desires. Like everyone else I find myself sometimes in a darker place and I have to remind myself that I am privileged. I think empathy is one of the most beautiful things we are capable of feeling and it scares me when I meet people who lack it or the once that are so full of hate. This year I traveled more than I ever have before in a year and I met so many kind and openhearted people that I have not lost faith in the humankind. In January, February and the beginning of March I travelled through Bali, Australia and New Zealand. (I have written about it earlier if you curious.) When I got back to Europe in spring I did both Italy and Spain. I visited friends in Berlin during the summer and I finished the year by going to both Bergen in Norway and to New York. I love to travel and to work at the same time, it makes me feel at peace in strange way. I'm kind of junky for new experiences and since I have nothing holding me back than myself then why should I not travel. The other day I booked my flights for South Africa for February and March. I am just once of those people who need a trip ahead of me to feel a little bit more exited.

Besides traveling it was as usual a busy year with photoshoots and weddings. I am truly grateful for having a job that most of the time does not feel like a job. I get to meet wonderful people, bring both them and myself joy and happiness. This year I also signed with Fotografiska F-edition in Stockholm and I am exited to see where that will take me. My art photography style is not for everyone but I believe that as long as you love what you do there will be those who do the same and those people are your audience. I have also been told that I do to many different type of things, that it can be confusing for clients. But what I create is a mirror of who I am as a person and I crave variation and I don't care about that rule that someone once made up of who you have to be to be accepted. If I do dramatic and dark self portraits it does not mean that I can't make wedding images full of light and love. Humans are complex and I rather be honest and myself and attract those who sees that as authentic. We all carry a little bit of everything inside of us and that is what makes us so interesting. 

I am looking forward to see what next year will bring both for my art, my work and for my life in general. I know what my biggest desire is for next year and I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I will find it. 

In this post are a few pictures that I took during the year, I picked them to illustrate a little bit what every month looked like. I hope you enjoy and I wish you all a Happy New Year! 


Bali &Australia

Australia & New Zealand

Sweden & Denmark

Sweden, Italy & Spain



Germany & Sweden



USA & Norway



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