6 Feb 2017


I have now been on the road for one week. It feels like time passes both quicker and slower in a strange way. I try to shoot every day to make the most of it. So far I have done a few portrait shoots, one editorial, looked for locations, meet cool people, hiked Lion's head and eaten amazing food.  

Flying over Africa

            Pete, looking fab, on the roof top of the house I stayed the 3 first nights

Photoshoot with Camilla J├Ânsson

  Moving into a new home, this is my street.

     Gallery night which turned into wine tasting night. 

Pete once again, this time we tried out the light in my garage.

More models from Ice, this time Maria and Thane. Can't wait to shoot them again!

Dinner with these lovely ladies at Royale eatery.

Location scouting + market time

 Sanja from Ice

Today I hiked Lion's head with friends, I swear I will have problems walking tomorrow.

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