9 Mar 2017


My first stop after Cape Town was Swellendam, one of the oldest towns in South Africa. I decided to stay there since the town is located just next to a mountain and I could see great opportunities for pictures. During my two nights there I did three long hikes in the Marloth Nature Reserve and hardly met any people. After feeling a bit unsafe now and then in Cape Town it was wonderful just walking where ever I wanted and also alone, even as the sun was coming down. It's definitely something that I take for granted back home. Swellendam is a quiet place and I think 24 h would have been enough. But I needed that dose of nature to get the anxiety out of my system that I carried with me from leaving Cape Town. Nature truly is like cotton for my soul (a Swedish saying which I love). The backpacker place where I stayed was also nice with a lot of animals around and that is always beautiful. It was located just where the hiking tracks start and to be honest I never went into town, I just didn't have the need for it.

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