6 Jan 2010

Betongfabriken brinner

Betongfabriken brinner is a young man from the south of sweden who sings about life and love in the most beautiful and melancholic way. When I was in Sweden for christmas I met up with the charismatic and a little introvert singer and took his portrait in two very different environments. Since it's my own project I felt free to do whatever I felt like doing. I wanted to make really "cold" pictures and used his ability do disappear into himself and also the snowy ground and the blueish light. For part 2 we went to his fathers factory and did another photoshoot there. I really like the once in the nature but I got a feeling that he might like the once in the factory more. Which one do you prefer?

Wanna hear his music? Visit http://www.myspace.com/betongfabrikenbrinner


Part 1

Part 2

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