20 May 2013

I can't believe it (Fotosidan Masters Porträtt)

After I posted the latest blogpost yesterday I went down to the store to buy the new issue of Fotosidan magasin (a popular Swedish magazine about photography). Fotosidan has a photo contest during 1 year divided into 4 parts in 3 different categories: nature, portraits and in the spur of the moment. I totally missed this contest until there was only 2 parts left. I decided to upload a portrait that I liked but that was quite untraditionally. To my big surprise that image won part 3 in portraits. I thought only that was amazing and I had little hope to win it all. For fun I uploaded a picture of a German actress/model called Muriel and also that one was selected in the top 15 portraits and that gave me more points. I had no idea of my final placement in the contest until today when I saw it in the magazine. I could hardly beleive my eyes and this great feeling of happiness just showered over me. I didn't see this coming and I still find it hard to beleive. It's just not glory that you win, I also get a Nikon D7100 with a 16-85 lens. I'm a Canon girl but I'm willing to give Nikon a chance. ;)

Now I'm curious to see who will win photo of the year. All of the photos selected during the year are competing against each other no matter the category. If you like to support me please have a look at the blogpost previous to this one.

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