14 May 2014

Dearest VLORA

It's almost 14 years now since she came into my life. It was the first day of high school and she arrived late to class, giggling loud together with another girl. I remember thinking that she was such beautiful girl but also a total bimbo. She on the other hand wondered who the irritating nerd was who waved her hand vividly when the teacher asked questions. But when we where assigned to work on the same project we understood that there was more to the other one and it was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. For three years she was my constant companion and made life so much easier. We don't see each other often these days but when we do it's like no time has passed. Our love runs deep and I know she is one of those people that will always be there. It's not the first time I take pictures of her, in fact she was one of my first models in high school. It was then I took my first photography class and started to dream of becoming a professional photographer.
This shoot was a very spontaneous one, I could tell that the evening light would be magical so I called her up and one hour later we met in my favorite park in Malmö. I brought some of my favorite boho garments and then we just played around. This is the way I have taken some of my best photos, when I keep it simple. I took a break from the romantic and sheer style for some time but it feels right to return to it. It's time to let the sun back into my life and my photography work.

Vintage sunglasses and kimono from Lindex

Blouse from Gina Tricot, hat bought at a market in Berlin

The white dress is a vintage dress from the 60's that used to belong to my aunt 

Shoes from Din sko

This dress is from Weekday's vintage section

Ring from Morocco 

Jacket from Humana, neckless bought in Laos and flower dress bought at a market in Thailand

Shirt from Monki and headpiece from Panduro

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