29 Jun 2015

Midsummer road trip

Last week we celebrated Midsummer in Sweden. I dare to say that it's the most beloved holiday in my country and it's tradition to go to the countryside with a bunch of friends. My friends Gerri and Maria who normally lives in Berlin came to pay me a visit and we rented a car and made a road trip through my region. Our first stop was Skummeslöv (which actually is just north of my region) where we celebrated Midsummer with some of my wonderful friends. It was so much fun hanging out, making flower wreaths, playing games, singing songs, eating and drinking and eventually dancing like we were at a strip club. We picked seven flowers and put them under our pillows to dream about the once we are gonna marry ( I could not remember my dream and Gerri ended up dreaming about Johnny Depp...). The morning after we said goodbye to old and new friends before continuing our trip. First stop was Nimis which is an illegal art project made by the now controversial artist Lars Vilks. I have been there several times but it's always nice to first do the hike and then finally discover Nimis just down by the water. Next stop was at my parents when we refilled our stomachs with delicious food (Thank you Mami!). They live in the middle of Skåne so it was the perfect stop on our way to the other side of the coast. We arrived at Österlen late in the evening and put our tent up just as the sun went down. The morning after we went up early and I took pictures of Gerri at the beach before we had a very refreshing dip in the ocean. Our last stop on the road trip was Ales stenar which if a formation of stones, most likely from the end of the iron age. We were exhausted from impressions and too little sleep so we stayed there for a while, laying on the grass and listening to the sound of the ocean. Eventually we had to head back to Malmö and drop of he car. I was a beautiful trip and the pictures I took will make the memory of it last longer and become more vivid. I just adore these girls and I hope it won't be that long until I see them again. 

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