18 Feb 2017


Time flies, I have been in Cape town for almost 3 weeks now and I have kept on exploring the city, taking tons of pictures and getting to know more people. There is such a beauty of not knowing what will come tomorrow. I go with the flow and at the moment I allow myself to be swept away and my heart and mind are open. I jump at every opportunity, I try new things but at the same time I remind myself that it's ok to just sit on the balcony in the sun with a cup of coffee and not do anything special, it's ok to push snooze for the fifth time because there are no deadlines. Only the one that will tell me it's time to move on and get on a bus and head towards Johannesburg. But still there are a few thing I need to explore and things I want to experience. Next week I will go up on the mountain again and try to capture the magic and explore the emotions I am feeling at the moment. I'll keep you posted...

This area burned a few weeks ago but the flowers somehow made it...so poetic

Maria for a bohemian story I will share with you further on.

Portrait of Thane

Table top mountain, one of the oldest mountains in the world. MAGIC

Love shoot with Camilla & Pete

Mexican food with new friends

Club night

Food just taste better here...

Valentine's day and a blurry skyline, amazing pizza and great company. 

Road trip and photoshoot with Pete, Caroline and this little cutie pie

Test shoot with beautiful Tine

Road trip, it was good to escape the city for a little bit.

Selfie mood

Love shoot with Lisa & Errol

Gin night with Caroline.

4D with these wonderful people. 4D is a weird experience but now I can scratch that off the bucket list.

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