14 Mar 2017


After spending 24 h in Mossel Bay it was such a relief to arrive at the Wild Spirit in The Grags. I rate myself as a 7 on a 10 hippie scale and after 5 minutes I knew this place would suit me. The location in the forrest was magical and the people there just so sweet. I arrived in the evening, just as the sun was going down and you could see it set over the forrest. Soon people started gathering around on the porch and there was live music. Once that was finished we were a group that gathered around the fire and just talked, it was so nice being around so many friendly faces. A girl sang a low key cover of an Adele song and my eyes teared up, I wish you could have been there to hear it. I was quite sleepy from the trip and went to bed early. I had a plan to catch the sunrise which I did, I was the only one on the porch and I thought that was a big strange. Ever since meeting Lisa on my last days in Cape Town and learning that according to my element in Ayurveda I should be in bed by 10 and up by 6 I am trying to do that. It's working surprisingly well ( I know mum, pretty shocking right). After witnessing the sunrise I did a small hike to a waterfall and arrived back in time for their wonderful brekky on the porch. I saw that you could get a free shuttle to a long hike and I thought why not, that sounds like a great activity. I have planned ahead when it comes to my stops on the way to Johannesburg but once I arrive I just go with the flow. The hike was beautiful and it was nice to do it together with other people for a change. The hike took us down in Nature Valley, a place people had recommended to me and the beach was truly beautiful. We swam in a lagoon and after walking for hours that was amazing. In the end my feet started giving up on me and I was in pain for the last part. It sucks that once one part of your body starts getting better another one just starts acting up. So the next day I just took it slow and sat on the porch and drank at least 5 cups of tea. I hung out with the girls I got to know the day before but sadly I am pretty sure we won't meet up again since I am doing my trip faster than them. I am meeting so many women that are traveling alone in South Africa just like me and it's inspiring. Many people have expressed concern about me doing this backpacking and I know that I have to be street smart and careful but I refuse to live in fear. At The Wild Spirit I also got to know Rosie Gabrielle who is traveling through the world alone on her bike, pretty bad ass. Just like me she is a photographer and we had cool talks on photography, fear and life. Check out her work here: https://www.instagram.com/rosiegabrielle/
After two night in The Grags I continued my trip towards Port Elisabeth where I just stopped over night before continuing my trip to Hogsback. Since I arrived there in the night and left there in the morning I didn't really take any photos. I was happy to get out of the city and on my way to the countryside again.

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