16 Mar 2017


I left Port Elisabeth early in the morning and arrived in Hogsback in the late afternoon. Hogsback is situated high up on the Amathole mountains of the Eastern Cape Province and it's surrounded by the centuries-old Afro-montane forest. I checked in at Away with the fairies and got a beautiful little cabin that overlooked the mountain. There was a nice vibe from the start at this backpackers and I knew that I was gonna enjoy the two nights I had booked there. Sadly I had gotten a bad cold in The Grags and I wasn't able to hike that much. I did one sunrise hike to The old tree and I could easily understand where the fairy thing comes from. There is something magical about that forest, if you had been there with me as the sun started rising and showering the woods with light you would have understood what I meant. In the evenings there was a campfire that we all gathered around. I met some cool Australians and another Swede who is also traveling alone. I can highly recommend both this area and this place. If you go there you must try their pizza, it's multo delicato and of course take a bath in probably the most famous bathtub on instagram. 

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